Plate Heat Exchanger

What is Plate Heat Exchanger?

A plate heat exchanger is a device used to transfer heat or mass between liquids or gases. These heat exchangers are frequently used in various industries for heating, cooling, condensation or evaporation processes.

Plate heat exchangers are designed to provide heat transfer between fluids passing through multiple parallel plates. Each plate is usually made of stainless steel or another suitable material and has a thin gap between them. As the two fluids pass between the plates, heat exchange takes place through the thin gaps in the plates.

Plate Heat Exchanger Working Principle

The working principle is based on the mutual contact of the fluids between the plates and the transfer of heat. The arrangement of the plates ensures effective mixing of fluids and maximizes heat transfer. Generally, one fluid flows in one direction on one side of the heat exchanger, while the other fluid flows in the opposite direction on the other side of the heat exchanger. Thus, heat transfer is maximized.

Plate Heat Exchanger Types

There are different types of plate exchangers. These include flow regulated heat exchangers, stirrer plate heat exchangers, brazed plate exchangers and welded heat exchangers. Each type has different designs suitable for different applications.

The advantages of plate heat exchangers are:

  1. High efficiency: The fine gaps between the plates provide a large surface area, which increases heat transfer. In this way, high efficiency is achieved.
  2. Small size and low weight: The compact design of exchangers allows them to take up little space and be light. These features make it easy to install and are preferred in systems that require less space.
  3. Faster response time: Heat exchangers provide fast heat transfer. These features allow systems to heat up or cool down more quickly.
  4. Easy cleaning and maintenance: Since the plates are usually removable, cleaning and maintenance operations

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Paraflow Plate Exchanger
  • Gasketed (Paraflow) Plate Exchanger : Plate, heat exchanger gasket and the body of the traditional type of
  • Double Wall (Duo-Safety) Plate Exchanger : Intermingling of fluids used in the unlikely event Plate Exchanger.
  • Semi Welded (Paraweld) Plate Exchanger : Seal on one side of the flow due to lack of license plates on the other side, which allows a safe and flexible use of semi-welded plate-type Exchanger.
  • Braze Plate Exchanger : Braze plate exchanger ; Compact, low pressure losses even with high thermal efficiency, low cost plate exchanger. Single or multi-phase heat transfer and cooling industry, industrial applications, is an excellent choice.
  • Hybrid Plate Exchanger : Hybrid Welded plate heat exchangers with heat pipes PHE gasketed heat exchangers is a combination that provides all the advantages of. APV Hybrid plate exchanger provides a very variable degrees of flexibility in a wide temperature.